About us

Busen Men’s wear, found since 1985, focus on design, manufacture and distribution of our three series: BUSEN HOMME、BUSEN SELECTION and BUSEN UNIFORM. Busen (Stock No. 002569) has been listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2011. Elite is an attitude!
BUSEN brand’s core idea is to dress our men up in an elite way, to inspire his motivations to achieve great qualities.

Devoted to study the stylist of Chinese men’s personalized demands, Busen provides its brand series to SELECTION series and UNIFORM series with multi-segment positioning strategy and the HOMME series success. In this way, our clients can have apparels suiting for many different occasions.

HOMME series: It is designed for new coming business men, who have self-cultivation and life with taste and quality. Combined with traditional workmanship and latest trends of fashion, its modern urban style with courtesy attitude makes it suiting kinds of business occasions and leisure times.

SELECTION series: It is a classic high-end business wear designed and customized for successful business men. With the essence of European traditional workmanship, high quality fabric and elaborate workmanship, its elegant taste and excellent quality will fulfill our client’s elegant and delicate dressing needs.

UNIFORM series: It is focus on Enterprises and organization business suit, which covers enterprises from finance, energy, telecom, insurance and other areas. Designed and manufactured by demands of customer with professional consulting service, it creates a modern uniform complying with business soul and showing the enterprises’ profession and capability.

Busen has established a Chinese men body figure study center, which is concentrating on Chinese man’s body figure changing and fitting, from checking each measures of each size and dress demands in soul. Busen is creating a new Chinese men dress style with nature of great quality, innovation in design and elegant hand-making, which is showing its decent and figure.

In 2012, Busen renewed it’s brand core as dress our men up in an elite way and join hands with Chinese super star Mr. Huang Xiaoming to initiate the new brand image strategy. It will lead Chinese man’s dress into a better era with elite stylish from Busen brand and fashion power of classic Philosophy of art.

步森男装,创建于1985年,专注于BUSEN HOMME、BUSEN SELECTION、BUSEN UNIFORM三大品标系列的设计、生产和销售,于2011年4月在中国A股成功上市(股票代码 002569)。步森男装,以“活出男人范”为品牌态度,激发男人对自我优秀品质的追求,获得众多男士的追捧与共鸣。