Application franchise

1 Family & Given Names 2 Number of passport
3 Date of birth (year-month-day) 4 Current nationality/ies
5 Sex: 6 Marital status:
Male Female Single Married Separated
7 Company name 8 Company nature
9 Registered capital 10 Number of employees
11 Telephone 12 Facsimile
13 E-mail 14 Website
15 Company address
16 Area of application
17 Application & business experience
a. What kind of business deal before
b. Main business now
c. What kind of apparel dealing
d. Apparel business experience:
3y 3-5y 3-8y ≥8
18 Fund & management
a. Way for investing & join
b. Fund plan for invest USD
c. Manage by yourself: YES NO
19 Financial status
Annual sale volum: USD Fund ready for join BUSE USD
步森男装,创建于1985年,专注于BUSEN HOMME、BUSEN SELECTION、BUSEN UNIFORM三大品标系列的设计、生产和销售,于2011年4月在中国A股成功上市(股票代码 002569)。步森男装,以“活出男人范”为品牌态度,激发男人对自我优秀品质的追求,获得众多男士的追捧与共鸣。