For high-end business people doctrine luxury tailored suits. Chuan Zhen technology combined with modern fashion, from Europe to grab the essence of the traditional garment process. On the choice of materials meticulous detail for each process to pursue a passion, no words to deduce the refined taste, the achievements of men's suits in the extreme, won the taste people appreciative
步森男装,创建于1985年,专注于BUSEN HOMME、BUSEN SELECTION、BUSEN UNIFORM三大品标系列的设计、生产和销售,于2011年4月在中国A股成功上市(股票代码 002569)。步森男装,以“活出男人范”为品牌态度,激发男人对自我优秀品质的追求,获得众多男士的追捧与共鸣。