Franchising strength

To Be BUSEN'S Franchisee Candidate

Are you interested in introducing our brands in your market? BUSEN has a global network of franchises on an international level. Our franchises are usually retail companies or groups with great experience in the fashion sector and a complete understanding of local markets as well as being companies with economic strength and solid know-how to develop the business to its maximum potential in the agreed territory.
But the most important thing of all is that they have ENTHUSIASM; COMMITMENT AND GOOD ATTITUDE.
If you have experience in this sector, resources to develop a project and you want to receive more information about our brands and franchising system, please fill out the Franchisor Application Form.

BUSEN Franchising Strength

步森男装,创建于1985年,专注于BUSEN HOMME、BUSEN SELECTION、BUSEN UNIFORM三大品标系列的设计、生产和销售,于2011年4月在中国A股成功上市(股票代码 002569)。步森男装,以“活出男人范”为品牌态度,激发男人对自我优秀品质的追求,获得众多男士的追捧与共鸣。